Intro? Extro? or Per? – What kind of ‘Vert’ are you?

sexy brenda Sorry for the huge gap between my posts. I’ll admit I’ve been getting a bit slack lately, and as my super-hot Japanese girlfriend, Akiko has been telling me, it’s time I “pulled my bloody finger out”, got my head down and got to work on a column.

I come across all sorts of people in my line of work, and it’s true what they say – your personality says a lot about what kind of woman you are – so come on girls! Take my quick quiz to find out what kind of vert you are – Intro, Extro or just plain Per.

1. You’re at a party with a friend but they have to leave and you don’t know anyone else there. Do you…
a) Make your excuses and leave as well.
b) Grab a plate of food, circulate and introduce yourself
c) Sneak upstairs and go through their underwear drawer.

2. It is 9:30pm on Saturday. Your mobile rings and you do not recognise the telephone number. Do you…
a) Let it go to voicemail.
b) Immediately answer it – it might be someone interesting!
c) Slowly rub the vibrating phone against your love button as you paw your boobs with your spare hand.

3. When it comes to social media, you…
a) Have a Facebook account, but never post anything
b) Use twitter all the time!
c) Masturbate on a live web-cam every night.

4. Your new boyfriend invites you round to meet his family, and all his aunts and uncles are there too. Do you…
a) Feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say.
b) Immediately fit in, and it’s like you’ve known them for ages.
c) Go to the bathroom and see how many of their toothbrushes you can fit up your dirt pipe.

5. You’re out with a group of friends and there’s another woman who’s quite shy and doesn’t talk much. You…
a) Notice that she’s alone, but don’t go over to talk with her.
b) Go and have a chat with her.
c) Attach clothes pegs to her nipples and drip hot wax from a candle over her firm breasts, as she struggles against the ropes that you’ve bound her wrists and ankles with.

6. This morning, your agenda seems to be free. You…
a) Keep your head down and have a quiet stress-free day
b) Pick up the phone and start filling up your agenda with client meetings
c) Pick up the phone and ask that slutty new girl who’s been flirting with you to come over to the copy room to help you with some documents. While she’s on her way over, put on your vinyl crotchless body suit, and when she arrives, lock the door behind you and urinate into her mouth.

7. You’re in an unfamiliar part of town and you’re a bit lost. You…
a) Keep looking without asking for help.
b) Stop a few passers-by and ask for directions.
c) Fellate some stray dogs.

Score 1 point for each “A”, 10 points for each “B” and 100 points for each “C” you answered, then send me your results!

Over 300 : You’re a dirty slag, and you love it! Definitely PER!
100 – 300 : PER tendencies. Maybe you should loosen up a bit and go the whole hog!
7 – 100 : Who are you kidding! You’re a slapper and you know it! When you cheat on these quizzes, you only cheat yourself.

So, how did your score Sue? Mostly ‘C’s? It was, wasn’t it, Sue, you filthy cow…

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