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Here at the Evening Harold we love to hear from our readers, and many like to talk to us through our facebook page, but you can also contact us through any of these email addresses.


At the moment we are not looking for any additional writers to add to our team, however if you have a story that you would like to contribute that you feel will fit in with our style, then please feel free to send it to us at subs[at]


Obviously, we are a satirical paper so some of the words you read may be stretching the truth for comic or satirical effect. Before complaining we politely ask that you are sure you understand this. That said, sometimes we do make the occasional spelling or grammatical error. As professional we take full responsibility for such errors so if you spot one you can tell us by emailing our office blame monkey at


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For anything else from telling us what you had for breakfast or for details of how you can make a multi-million pound contribution to the Evening Harold, you can contact us at info[at]

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