AfD leader quits in protest against AfD

Frauke Petry. She’s off to invade Poland

The leader of German right-wing AfD has quit the party after finding it’s a loose coalition of hate-spewing racists.

“My suspicions were first aroused when Nigel Farage turned up at one of our rallies” said Frauke Petry “but I was too busy to research things further before polling day.”

Petry says she was horrified over the weekend when she discovered that the far-right nationalist party is stuffed full of frothing racists who blame society’s ills on foreigners who should be forcibly repatriated by trebuchet in order of darkness “and the AfD are just as bad here in Germany.” she added.

AfD party spokesman Adolf Goebbels dismissed any criticism of Nigel Farage being invited to address the AfD.

“It’s just plain nonsense. We’ve a lot in common with the British, we fought two world wars together only last century.”

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