BBC apologises for athletics interrupting expert analysis

Intensive training means they can keep going for hours. No, really.

BBC Sport has expressed its ‘sincere regret’ that footage of athletes running, jumping, and throwing things has interrupted the droning, tedious wittering of Gabby Logan and her expert panel of assorted retired athletes.

“We are very sorry.” said Head of BBC Sport, Gary something-or-other “After a busy day at work there’s nothing better than flopping on the sofa and watching overpaid former sportsters spouting fatuous nonsense; like that kids’ party game where each child has to repeat absolutely everything the previous child said – then add one more tiny detail.”

“In our defence,” Gary continued “this evening we managed to devote over twenty five minutes, when you might have been listening to The Archers, microwaving your TV dinner, or watching paint dry to Vomiting and Diarrhoea-gate, before some lunatics began hurling spears across the stadium. Complete madness, it was a miracle nobody got hurt.”

Next week the World Athletics Championships will be over, leaving the coast clear for uninterrupted bollocks.

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