Katy Hopkins: Shit gets flushed

Shit flushed away

Katy Hopkins, the giant festering turd on the UK’s online news stand, has given Britain the shot in the arm it needs by getting sacked for being herself.

By any measure, this week has been a shitty one for Britain. Innocents slaughtered at a music concert, just for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong man.

Grown up politicians, who really should know better, paused from making up stuff about themselves and others, but for only a couple of days.

Roger Moore, for many the best James Bond by far, exited stage left for the last time.

Nicky Hayden, the nicest man in motorcycle racing, checked out only half way through his three score and ten.

Someone you know, maybe you yourself, received some bad news.

But then, on a warm sunny Friday, before the spring Bank Holiday weekend, came the glorious news that Hopkins, the human muck spreader who even makes the Mail Online worse, has been sacked from her Sunday morning LBC radio programme, after another bout of awful.

Harold is holding its own celebration at the Squirrel Lickers Arms. On Sunday, when Hopkins would usually be spilling out of the radio, gentle pastoral music will be played in the beer garden and Eddie’s Old Peculiar will be £1 per pint

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