Some celebrity relationship bullshit going on with Taylor Swift

Dating Taylor Swift? We're not really sure

Dating Taylor Swift? We’re not really sure

There is some kind of celebrity relationship bullshit happening, involving Taylor Swift and a man, or possibly two men, who are also celebrities, and apparently this is headline news.

Swift, who sells music, tweets about stuff and sues people, has recently broken up with one of the men and is now dating the other one, who does not play football for Hull City despite having a very similar name to somebody who does.

“Taylor has only just broken up with Calvin Harris but has already been photographed with Tom Hiddleston.”, said Aaron Black, from Hello or OK! or one one of those awful, awful type of things.

“Now photos of her with Calvin have appeared on Twitter and she is removing Instagram posts of her and Tom. Or possibly the other way around. I’ve actually lost interest myself since I started talking.”

The ‘Shake it off’ singer has not commented publicly on her new romance but the fact that she has unfollowed former England international Tom Huddlestone on Twitter suggests that she may be just as confused about things as everybody else.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong person and I’m just concentrating on making sure I am 100% ready for the challenge of being back in the Premier League next season.” said Huddlestone when asked to comment.

The Hull City midfielder has not ruled out dating Swift in future though, given the rate she seems to go through men.

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