Jeremy Corbyn rehomes a rescue cardigan

Another cardigan saved from being put down

Another cardigan saved from being put down

Jeremy Corbyn has once again showed his compassionate side by taking an abandoned cardigan into his own home.

Corbyn, a long time cardigan fancier, said he was immediately taken by the striking black and white checked pattern on one his regular visits to the Islington branch of the Cardigan’s Protection League.

“The pattern reminded me of a chessboard, and the stirring bishop and pawn battles I had with the other boys at Grammar School. Chess was such a great game, but completely unsuited to meeting girls, which is why I packed it in and starting marching against the bomb instead” reminisced Corbyn.

“I realise I’ve adopted a lots of cardigans already, and this makes me a bit of a ‘cardigan lady’ and I’ll probably die alone surrounded by them, but I couldn’t bear the thought of this king of cardigans being put down. It’s wool is still in good condition, it’s been thoroughly de-flead – there’s no reason why it won’t enjoy another couple of good decades with me.”

Corbyn said owning lots of cardigans had its challenges, but letting them have their own space while still giving each of them some individual tender loving care was the the key to stop things unravelling.

“They all have their own personalities, – that’s why I like cardigans so much. This one here, the beige one, was originally owned by a producer on the Top of the Pops at the BBC. The cardigan was probably in the same room as Jimmy Savile – it really makes you think” said Corbyn.

“And the brown one at the front of the wardrobe – stylish, merino, a real purebred. What sort of person abandons a cardigan like that? It just shows how the Tories are destroying the fabric of society.”

“But enough politics for one day, it’s time to relax and unwind and feel the wool luxuriate against one’s skin.”

“Me and my cardigans, we’re a tight-knit group.”

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