Boxing fans ‘baffled’ about what might cause boxers’ head injuries


Fans still hope to discover what leads to boxing injuries

With the welcome news that Nick Blackwell is out of a coma, boxing fans are asking “How on earth did this happen?”

Boxing authorities said the period immediately after Blackwell was pummelled senseless by a barrage of blows to the head, was ‘not the right time’ to investigate the cause of his brain injuries.

Now he’s out of coma though, the public has been asked to contribute to a thorough enquiry. As usual, Haroldites have not been slow in coming forward.

“It was clear, from the melon-sized lump on his head, that he had a massive injury” said Squirrel Lickers Arms landlord, Eddie. “but how is a complete mystery.” Eddie dismissed as ‘nonsense’ theories that repeated blows to a bony shell, with a heavy lump wrapped in leather, might damage soft tissue floating inside it. “If that was true, how come ex-boxers like Muhammed Ali are so mentally alert?”

“Any semi-sentient being should realise that raining punches into a man’s face will cause serious damage” countered Harold GP Clive Evans. “The consequences can be dreadful; with the worst cases comes a very real danger that they’ll have to become footballers.”

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