Katie Hopkins condemns Mein Kampf as ‘an amateur work of hatred’

Katie HopkinsDespite the first edition of Mein Kampf in 70 years selling out instantly, an unimpressed Katie Hopkins condemned it as ‘derivative’ and ‘an amateur work of hatred’.

“Hitler was a one trick pony – anti-semitism was rife in Europe for 1000 years so it was hardly cutting edged hatred” spat Hopkins, who hates Muslims, fat people, fat Muslims, women, fat Muslim women, gingers, fat gingers, refugees, thin refugees, the disabled, unemployed people, fat ginger unemployed people, and Lily Allen.

“Hatred is so much more flexible and nuanced these days – you have to really work at being properly bilious” argued Hopkins.

“Sometimes you meet someone who is not Muslim, ginger, or fat, in other words not obviously vile, but when you dig deep you find they’ve named their children after a place name such as Paris or Chelsea. Vile in-breeds!” screeched Hopkins, who named one of her children India.

Although Hopkins was uncomplimentary of Mein Kampf, she said she bore no ill will to Hitler as a person.

“As far as I can make out, Adolf wasn’t fat, ginger, a Muslim, disabled, a refugee, unemployed, or Lily Allen, so how bad could he be?” said Hopkins.

“What, he was vegetarian you say? The man is a complete monster.”

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