Bono to sing ‘Je Suis Un Belle-Ende’ for Paris


Enorme tete de coque rouge

Following U2’s announcement that they are to record a song to show their solidarity with Paris, there has been massive popular enthusiasm for the suggestion that Bono should sing the classic French ballad “Je Suis Un Belle-Ende”.

A spokesman from the French embassy in London, visibly fighting back tears of emotion, explained to reporters today that the song referred to a symbol of protection for others, saving them from harm in the face of attack, and could be literally translated as “I am your helmet”.

Bono gave keen support to the idea in an interview to French journalists this morning.

“They tell me it’s a common French phrase, down on the streets. I think it is amazingly moving. I can feel myself being moved right now.”

As the ranks of French press gave en-masse the traditional local “shaking wrist” gesture of solidarity, the U2 singer continued:

“Everyone I meet tells me I’ve just got to record it, it’s like they literally see me as an actual helmet, protecting the people of this great city. I feel so proud”

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