Girl unfamiliar with Disney’s ‘Frozen’ taken into care

ElsaIn a shocking case of neglect, a young girl who had not heard of the movie ‘Frozen’ was taken into care by Dunstable Social Services.

Concern was first aroused when Ella Evans, 8, entered the St Marys school talent quest and sang a song that wasn’t ‘Let it go’. Then, during a cold snap, Ella expressed indifference after an invitation to build a snowman. The final straw came during school dress-up day when Ella wore a blue dress but insisted she was Marie Curie.

St Marys Head Teacher Alison Lee said she tried to reason with Ella, explaining if everyone failed to watch Disney movies, there would be no merchandising, and 10 year old Chinese workers would be out of a job.

“I thought I’d got through to her so I put ‘Frozen’ on screen but after less than 5 minutes she wandered off to the library” said Ms Lee. “I caught Ella reading Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’, which was a pretty poor rip-off of the movie that didn’t even have Olaf in it. I called Social Services and told them to come urgently”.

“It was the saddest case of neglect I’ve ever seen” said social worker Brenda Twine. “We asked Ella ‘if you suffered from a mild heat disorder, would you lock out your sister for 15 years?’ and the little monster said ‘no’. It was as if she had no insight at all into the redemptive effect of abandonment and isolation.”

Ms Twine defended Social Services decision to place Ella with her step-mother and two cruel step-sisters, insisting that Ella would have lived happily ever after if only she had gone to the ball rather than staying in doing her maths homework.

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