Andy Murray loses wedding to Novak Djokovic.

image Andy Murray has said he “disappointed” and sorry he let his fans down after losing his wedding to Novak Djokovic.

This was the first time Murray had made it to the final round of a relationship.

“I played really well early on” Murray explained “and easily saw off opponents in the chatting up rounds.

“Beating the qualifier on the first date and breezing through the moving in together stages meant as the relationship progressed I was gaining in confidence.”

Murray managed to control his semi when he proposed gaining him the place in today’s final in front of a home crowd in Dunblaine.

The match was played with the cathedral roof closed which may have been a factor in his loss.

“I thought things were going my way in the final, and couldn’t resist pumping my fist as I saw Kim at the top of the aisle”, Murray continued.

“I even kept my cool when the vicar shouted ‘come on Tim’ as a joke. But you can’t get complacent with an opponent like Novak.

“It was obvious when he stepped out in front of her, winked his eye, and said he forgave her for calling him a f****** Czech cty f****** f***wit wker f*ity fker, that the tables had turned.”

Djokovic went on to win the wedding in straight sets, but was modest in his victory. Keeping a dignified silence he just acknowledged Murray by using his thumb and index finger to produce an ‘L’ on his forehead.

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