EDL choir surprise passengers on plane with their ‘greatest hits’

EDL PlanePassengers on an EasyJet flight to Magaluf were left shocked and disappointed after cast members from the EDL choir put on an acapella performance of some of their best known hits.

  In scenes reminiscent of the Australian cast of Lion King bursting into song to entertain fellow passengers, the group of far-right racists surprised travellers when they suddenly started singing the classic ‘we’re coming, we’re coming’.

“We normally save our voices for our rioting,” one of the baritones in the group explained, “but something about the duty-free alcohol-fuelled flight made us burst into spontaneous song.

  “After ‘we’re coming, we’re coming’, we decided to go a step further than the foreigners in the  Lion King cast and do an encore.

“Our fans’ favourite ‘E, E, EDL’ was made even better by the fact some of the slower members of the group could read the words from the new tattoo on Alan’s forehead.”

Not everyone was keen on the EDL choir’s flash mob performance. Simon Jones was a passenger on the flight and is a frequenter of West End musicals.

“I have sat through some rubbish in my time, but this was awful,” he told us. “The musical score was monotonal, the singing was flat, and the dance choreography was basically jump up and down whilst throwing the occasional bottle.

“I would give it two stars and put it somewhere between We Will Rock You and the Spice Girls’ musical, Viva Forever. That said, it was still better than Cliff Richard on Centre Court.”



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