Facebook ‘auto-suggest’ means no Chris will be forgotten this Christmas


With Christmas being one of the most typed words into a status update at the moment, Facebook’s auto-suggest feature is ensuring anyone named Christopher, Chris or Christine will not be forgotten over the festive season.

The feature on the social media platform sees a list of names beginning with Chris pop up every time a user starts typing Christmas.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg explained: “We introduced the feature to help users remember their friends’ names each time they bang their fists on the keyboard in an attempt to string a sentence together.

“We didn’t want them to think too hard so took the task of thinking out of their hands. The one thing this has meant is we have seen a large amount of Christmas trees inadvertently tagged as ‘Chris’ from accounts.”

Chris Adams told us he’s seen an increase in the amount of good wishes he has received this year, but says that has been balanced out by the number of insults as people accidentally select his name from the pop up list.

“It’s nice to know someone I haven’t actually spoken to since I first met them on a course ‘really loves Chris Adams’, but I did get upset when my mum posted ‘I really hate Chris Adams, can’t wait till it’s all over’.

“The countless people saying they have finished their Chris Adam shopping is a little bewildering but fine, however the pictures of ‘the kids on Father Chris Adams lap’ are starting to cause issues in my marriage.”

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