Man sees his three-year-old in the flesh for first time after his iPad battery runs out


A man has had the emotional experience of seeing his three-year-old son in the flesh for the first time. The emotional reunion came as the man’s ipad unexpectedly run out of power.

“From the moment he popped his head into this world, I have proudly captured every moment of his life on my iPad, no matter how silly I looked filming on a tablet” the man told us.

“So far I have been able to time his naps with the charging of my iPad, but today I got complacent and didn’t check the switch on the wall socket. I really am gutted as I’m sure he was just about to tell me I was an embarrassment to him for the first time.”

The first time parent says not seeing his son, unless through through the 10 inch screen of his iPad has been hard, but is a sacrifice worth making.

“I have been called many things when I have been videoing the boy in public” he said. “In fact, if you watch back the time he drank his first babycino in Starbucks, you can clearly hear some calling me a nob.

“But I know that it’s worth it, and that sacrificing any human contact with my child was a small price to pay when I look back at all the footage of his ‘firsts’ knowing I could show everyone present I owned an iPad.”

Asked if he would use this opportunity to stop filming everything on his tablet and maybe use something a bit smaller, like a mobile phone or a broadcast quality HD camera he explained that such things were not as impressive in his opinion.

“Nothing says class like holding something plastic, 10 inches by 7 inches in front of your face at any given moment, even if that means never looking at the world without the aid of a retina display again. I’m not showing off, but I think everyone needs to be made aware have I have a new iPad Air.”

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