Google curbs depraved searches such as “tax avoidance” and “corporate responsibility”

google_taxInternet giant Google is facing scrutiny after it emerged that in its much-trumpeted crackdown on child porn, it has slipped in curbs on people searching for terms such as “Google tax avoidance” and “corporate responsibility”. Moreover, anyone searching for such terms are being reported to the police as a possible paedophile.

Google’s practice came to light when 8 year old Jason Smith from Harold was using the class computer to research a project on Google.

“The computer was already playing up after Jason clicked on some anti-capitalist websites” said Jason’s teacher Louise Hall. “When he searched for ‘why does Google pay no tax when it earns billions’, the screen went blue and the computer shut down.”

“The police arrived within minutes to question little Jason. PC Flegg got Jason to confess to kissing Cindy Evans but he only did that to gross her out after she threw gloop at him.”

Google spokesman Nigel Lemming defended Google’s seemingly draconian policy saying that internet perverts were very cunning and often congregated in anti-capitalist websites to throw authorities off their track.

“Basically we know that if someone is sick and depraved enough to use search terms like ‘why does the 1% have 99% of the money’ and ‘double-Irish tax avoidance scheme’, they are almost certain to be a paedophile” said Lemming.

Mr Lemming was defiant when questioned as to how an 8 year old boy could come to the attention of the police merely for researching Google’s corporate responsibility.

“These perverts are cunning – that Jason Smith may only be 8 years old but that is the perfect cover to meet other young children. He shares lollies with other kids and is constantly hanging around school – I rest my case.”

Facebook said that it had no problem with undesirables using its internet service.

“Our ‘secure privacy settings’ meant that all the perverts’ details were made public years ago” laughed Mark Zuckerberg.

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