Generic Celebrity decides to ‘put the record straight’ in new book, just before Christmas


After years giving interviews, being on television and releasing press releases to respond to every news story ever written about them, Generic Celebrity has taken the bold decision to ‘put the record straight’ in a new book, just before Christmas.

“My reputation in the press is well known” Generic Celebrity told us. “I have often been accused of spending money, having sex, and occasionally being in a bad mood. Now it’s time I stuck up for myself and put my side of the story across, just before Christmas.

“Sure I could use my public profile to do it in interviews and through the press for free, but I think it will be far more dignified if I do it in a £14.99 book just in time for people spending money on frivilous shit, just before Christmas”.

Speaking from the ‘z-list celebrity interview queue’ at the This Morning studios, Generic Celebrity explained “in this book, I will lift the lid on some of the most mundane parts of my life, from the reason I always put my left shoe on first except on Tuesdays through to the truth behind the time I shared a lift with Keith Chegwin, even though I didn’t need to use it, and all just before Christmas

“But the biggest thing I want to clear up is the perception that I am just an opportunistic, money-grabbing, attention-seeker and I feel I explain why that isn’t true in the book, ‘Me, the Truth, Me, My Side and Me’ available now, just before Christmas.

Asked about the timing of the book, Generic Celebrity said that they just felt ‘now was the right time’. “I just had the feeling that I had reached a point in my life where I can talk about these things everyone had forgotten and really couldn’t give a damn about, and that feeling came just before Christmas.

“So when the publisher suggested I let them write a book by me to be released with everyone else’s just before Christmas that could be very lucrative , I knew in my heart the time was right. Did I mention it is available now? Just before Christmas.”

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