Striking teachers’ parents fined for letting them miss school

Following the strike action carried out by many teachers in Harold yesterday, their parents have had the unwelcome news that they are to face a fine for allowing their children to take the day off school.

The fines were introduced as the government look to crack down on absences during term-time that may have an adverse affect on pupils’ education.

Many pupils’ parents have welcomed the move. One told us: “It’s only fair they get a financial penalty for taking a day off school. If I can’t take my children out of school to save money on a week in Spain, then why should they be able to take a day out of school to try and protect their pay and conditions?

“If they want to go on strike, they should do it in their own time during school holidays. If they do decide to take the time off during term-time, then it’s only right their parents should pay the price.”

However, many of the teachers’ parents were upset by the fine and believe they are being victimised.

86-year-old father of one teacher told us: “I can’t believe I have to pay £60 because my son is having a bit of a moan. That said, he’s 62 now, he can do what he bloody well likes. I can’t wait until he can afford his own house and moves out, then he can pay his own bloody fines.”

Harold council have defended the move saying that they can’t have one rule for one and another rule others. “We strongly believe we should uphold educational standards and attendance records in our schools,” councillor Ronsson told us.

“And if we can make a few quid in the process, well that is just an added bonus.”

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