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Live coverage of David Cameron’s conference speech. The Evening Harold brings you the highlights as they happen.

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12:02 – Right, time for lunch. But first We must apologise for using the word ‘highlights’. Trading standards have been informed

11:58 – That’s that then. Samantha is on stage to kiss her husband, but unfortunately his head is up Michael Gove’s a**e

11:58 – “This country will make the right choice”. Is it Xfactor final already?

11:57 – “you don’t do this [job] to be popular”. In that case he is very good at his job

11:53 – “If you are not entitled to NHS treatment, then you should pay for it, unless you are qualified, then you should work in it”

11:51 – I ask why some peoples taxes should go to the Cayman Islands

11:49 – “We must remember the most vulnerable children”. Wasn’t his hero, Mrs Thatcher, a good friend to Jimmy Savile?

11:45 – Gove “is a cross between Mr Chips and the Duracell Bunny”. What?. Fashionable in the 80s?

11:43 – “Yes the oceans can rise, but we will still deny climate change”

11:42 – “Every week I would look across the despatch box and see Ed Miliband with his Balls in his hands”. (I think that’s what he said)

11:41 – Cameron gives his backing to HS2 saying “the best way to get out of Manchester is quickly”

11:38 – “Memo to the Lib Dems, where’s the Tea. Clegg, don’t forget the biscuits

11:37 – “your home is your castle. Well for many of my family and friends that is true”.

11:36 – FACT: Samatha Cameron’s first business was a paper round

11:34 – Cameron is against ‘bashing businesses’. Demolition companies won’t like that

11:33 – Anyone else get nervous hearing a Tory say “here’s the thing about this race”?

11:30 – “Profit and tax cuts are not elitist words”. However greed and tax dodging are

11:28 – “It doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, or what school you went to, if it wasn’t Eton you can’t get in my cabnit”.

11:27 – “We need to pay someone to fix the roof while the sun is shining. Just not a Pole, or Bulgarian. Maybe an Irishman or benefit scrounger”

11:25 – People want to know “was the struggle worth it”. Cameron pledges to start a L’Oreal economy

11:24 – “Thatcher was the best peacetime PM we have ever had”. Osborne’s off again.

11:23 – Did he just say Thatcher won the Cold War or Coal War?

11:20 – Scotland, Cameron wants you to stay. I admit, not the biggest motivation is it. He also wanted Rebeka Brookes to stay, out of prison and it looks like he screwed that up as well

11:18 – “we may be a small Island”. George Bush is now regretting not invading.

11:16 – “We have not lost respect” in Europe. Nope, it is lost all over the world.

11:14 – it’s all getting a bit homoerotic

11:14 – So far he has talked about ‘cleaning up the mess’ and ‘building’, 2 trades usually saved for ‘staff’

11:13 – “We are beginning to turn a corner” the first time without a chauffeur

11:11 he’s here.

11:09 – Cameron running late. Tried getting the bus to show he is a man of the people, but the driver had a northern accent so it took longer than planned

11:06 – Nick Robinson reckons the Tories message will be “bold and blunt”. Looking at William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith you don’t get balder or blunter than that

11:05 – Eric Pickles is the only delegate to have a row of seats to himself. And he still spills over the edges

11:02 – Reports that Boris Johnson was going to enter the hall on a zip wore have been denied. Phew, we don’t want him looking stupid… Oh… Wait

10:59 – At the moment we are having some small speeches from some young people, black people, and females. It’s like they are trying to convince themselves they’re not UKip

10:55 – Looking around at the delegates it looks like some of them may be coming to there final conference. It is fun to see the relief of people’s faces when when a nudge wakes the person next to them.

10:53 – A lesson in proof reading. The line “for hardworking people” can be seen around the hall. This was a printing error, it should have been “for working people hard”.

1048 – On stage at the moment we have a speech by the leader of the Scottish Conservatives. A group recognised internationally as the World’s smallest political group

10:46 – George Osborne has just taken his seat. Hopefully Cameron’s speech isn’t to rousing, we don’t want to see the Chancellor’s tears again

10:43 – David Cameron’s speech is always a technical nightmare for venues. It takes an amazing lighting director to avoid the ‘forehead shine’ dazzling the audience.

10:41 – Cameron expected to clarify that by saying “I have a bread maker” he is referring to his shares in Hovis

10:37 – Welcome to the live coverage of David Cameron’s conference speech. Cameron has left his hotel heading to the conference hall with his wife on his left arm, and a stolen miniature shampoo bottle in his right pocket

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