Jeremy Paxman and Jeremy Kyle swap places in latest ‘TV mash-up’


Following in the footstep of ‘8 out of 10 cats’ and ‘Countdown’, the BBC and ITV have joined forces to bring us the ultimate ‘mash-up programmes’. In aid of comic relief, Jeremy Paxman and Jeremy Kyle have swapped places for a day and recorded each others shows

‘The Jeremy Paxman show’ saw the newly-bearded presenter take on some of society’s more special examples of guests, but without the use of lie detectors, DNA tests and security guards. Whilst over on BBC2’s ‘Newsnight’,, Kyle grilled the politicians in the days news using his usual tools to break them down, before offering them counseling with his aftercare team.

“Mr Paxman didn’t know what hit it” one producer on the project said. “It was 22-stone Sally from Dagenham. She had taken exception to his relentless questioning of her economic policy of buying weed instead of food for her children”

It seems that over at the BEEB Mr Kyle was having more luck getting the answers out of his high profile guests. In a bid to get a question answered that has been haunting the programme since a famous 1997 interview, Mr Kyle invited Micheal Howard for a follow-up interview.

“I thought this would be another walk in the park” Mr Howard said. “He asked if I had ‘threatened to overrule Mr Lewis’ to which I replied for the 13th time I did not overrule him. It was at this point he pulled out the result of a lie-detector test. It turns out that not only was I lying about that, but I had also had ‘sexual contact’ with Margaret Thatcher.”

Back at the ITV studios in Manchester, Mr Paxman had called in the services of a translator to help understand a man who was insistent he was ‘not da baby’s dad, init blood, ya get me’. However the day got even more confusing when Boris Johnson turned up.

After Paxman explained what was happening to him, and that he should probably head back to the newsnight studio, the Mayor of London clarified that he was in the right studio and had been booked in for several DNA tests.

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  1. I’d heard it was done for Children in Need but I may be wrong. All the other details seem to be correct though, so it’s an A* from me