Pair of hydrogen atoms conquer Everest without oxygen


Climbers now claim to be joined by an invisible bond.

Two hydrogen atoms, collectively known as H2, have made history as the lightest climbers to summit Mount Everest. H2’s feat was particularly impressive as they reached the peak without the aid of oxygen.

“We previously tried the climb with oxygen” said H2. “But we had barely climbed a metre when we just trickled back to the start and formed a small puddle. We soon had a severe case of frostbite and by nightfall had frozen solid.”

After this setback, H2 made the brave attempt to summit Everest themselves. “It was like we were floating effortlessly the whole way up” said H2. “Before we knew it we were on top of the world posing for photos. Unfortunately there must have been a fault in the camera because you couldn’t see us at all in the pictures.”

Straight after conquering Everest, H2 achieved a rare double by continuing to float all the way to the Ozone layer. It was there that they reconnected with oxygen and descended to a hero’s welcome in Oldham with excited locals shouting “f***ing rain”.

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