Advertisement Feature: Could you be entitled to claim back ‘SSI’?

Claim back your 30p

Claim back your 30p

Have you ever been to a well known burger restaurant? Did you have fries and a drink with your fast food? Have you eaten your chicken out of a bucket in the last 6 years. If you answered yes to any of these, then you could be entitled to a refund of your ‘Super Size Increase’.

Many fast food outlets have been mis-selling SSI for years, but new government legislation means you could claim back all of those 30p’s. You have been mis-sold SSI if you went extra large without needing it, wanting to, or not having the extra calorie information explained to you.

Call now and our advisors can tell you if you have a claim. We have already helped thousands of people who have been mis-sold SSI. Here is what some of our satisfied customers have said

Melanie, 24 stone from Margate says:

‘I have been going to these places for years and every time I ate there I went large. Nobody explained the consequences the extra 5 fries would have on me and now I’m morbidly obese. It has undone all the good work I have done ordering each meal with a diet coke. I have managed to claim back every 30p from the last six years. Yesterday I got my cheque for £17,000.’

Sarah, size 10 from Clethorpes says:

‘I am always asked if I want to ‘Go Large’. A few times I have taken them up on the offer, only to find out I could not manage that much food. Despite that they continued to mis-sell SSI to me every visit. I received a cheque for £1.20.

So why wait. Call us today and we will fight your corner to claim back your SSI. Why not also ask our helpful customer service advisor about our other services. We can help if you have been mis-sold PPI, had an accident in the last three years, or paid a commission to a claims company for something you could have done yourself.

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