Village excitement as Harold looks to make first ‘Bitcoin’

Digital trickery

Digital trickery

Forward-thinking technocrats from the Harold council have announced their intention for the village to move into the cutting-edge world of internet virtual finance by ‘minting’ the district’s first and only Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are a relatively new financial phenomenon, and are created when computers solve a complicated mathematical problem. The resultant binary data lives only on the internet, but can actually be converted into real cash on the money exchanges. The “coin”‘s emergence has created a new currency which is only used by sophisticated computer experts, and has no real existence in the physical world.

“When the Bitcoin is finished, we’re planning to mount it on the front of the Town Hall, or possibly behind the bar at the Squirrel Licker’s Arms,” explained councillor Ron Ronsson. “I haven’t actually ever seen one, but presumably it’ll be some kind of giant stone thing a bit like a millstone, so Eddie the barman shouldn’t be able to make off with it.”

The timing of the announcement to make the coin is especially propitious, as the Bitcoin value dropped sharply today, due to some interweb jiggery-pokery that will probably sort itself out, and can only go up. An army of excited residents have been busy building a commemorative Bitcoin plaque to display the virtual coin on, and there has been even greater than usual interest in the village’s only computer, in the Evening Harold’s offices in the back room at the local pub.

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