BREAKING NEWS: Graham Norton arrested naked in High Street


Disgusting Graham Norton wasn’t this one

49-year-old Irish television presenter Graham Norton, host of comedy chat show The Graham Norton Show, shares his name with a man arrested naked in Harold village’s High Street this morning, it has emerged.

Norton, who took over the prestigious Friday night slot on BBC One from Jonathan Ross in 2010, is not the same man as the Harold local who police detained today for performing a lurid dance routine on the steps of the Boer War memorial, naked apart from Wellington boots and a Phillips screwdriver.

Openly gay Norton, who is known for his camp demeanour, innuendo-laden dialogue and flamboyant presentation style, has nothing in common with the local man (who has been detained for further questioning) other than the shared name, which is a total coincidence.

No stranger to controversy, the TV presenter has been in trouble before for outrageous behaviour and near-the-knuckle humour, although this has nothing to do with the recent incident, as the arrested man was someone completely different.

Villagers were in a state of shock that someone as famous as TV’s Norton would stoop so low as to urinate in the Memorial Wishing Well while performing the Can-Can, although most swiftly realised that he didn’t. “It’s hard to believe that BBC1’s Graham Norton has sunk so low, and apparently he hasn’t,” explained Mayor Rufus D. Jackson to a throng of journalists. “This is the most disgusting celebrity behaviour we’ve seen round here since Nicolas Parsons was caught giving that bird one behind the bottle bank.” Parsons, a 24 year old unemployed local shop fitter, declined to comment.

Norton, speaking today through his agent, described himself as ‘exhausted, but relieved’.

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