White people not sure if they’re allowed to copy the dance moves from ‘This is America’

The most easily sunburned section of the village’s population are tonight wondering if emulating Donald Glover’s moves in his new music video is okay or so not cool they might as well break into an impression of Jim Davidson doing his “hilarious” Chalky routine (younger readers don’t ask, just be grateful that this is not knowledge you possess).

“I love ‘This is America’,” said very pale indeed villager Cassie Fine. “I know it’s Serious Business about race and guns and whatever else the Guardian keeps telling me to think about it but those dance moves look like fun.”

“I mean I think it’s alright for me to have a boogie in that fashion next time the song comes on the Squirrel Lickers’ jukebox. I am proper woke. I must be. I’ve been up since half five.”

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