Archbishop of York’s dog collar ‘only partly’ responsible for Mugabe going

Narsil, the Dog Collar that was broken

Archbishop John Sentamu has modestly played down the role of his dog collar in the downfall of Robert Mugabe.

Sentamu refused to wear a dog collar for almost a decade, in protest against the Zimbabwean President remaining in post.

“It was tough at times.” admitted Sentamu on the Andrew Marr show. “Times when I wondered if it was worth the pain and wanted to give up. Somehow my collar convinced me to carry on”.

“I was reminded of the Zimbabwe people every morning, when I did up my shirt at the front and my dog collar persuaded me that Robert Mugabe would be thinking of us too, wrestling with his conscience. It finally paid off, so our sacrifice wasn’t in vain.”

Hard-line Church members have called on their Archbishop to non-deploy his bishop’s mitre against other world problems but Sentamu is keen to avoid the so-called ‘Anglican nuclear option’ unless absolutely essential.

“As a protest against a third US invasion of Ira? Probably not. Against Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minster? Definitely.”

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