Sex robots now so realistic they won’t sleep with the men who buy them

“Roxxxy said ‘fuck off loser’ the moment she saw me”

The technology of sex robots has improved so much they now won’t sleep with the sad losers that buy them.

Inventor Doug Hines said he knew he’d developed a life-like sex robot when Roxxxy took one look at him and said “fuck off you sad, bald, loser, I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth”.

Hines said Roxxxy did clarify that if he was the last man on earth AND he owned a stash of the AA batteries she needed to operate, she would think about it, but she would need a blindfold and the encounter had to be promptly deleted from her hard drive.

“We’ve come a long away since the days of the primitive blow-up doll” said Hines proudly. “Although come to think of it Cindy seemed to mysteriously deflate anytime my engorged manhood went near her.”

Sales of Roxxxy have boomed despite the £7,000 price tag.

“I’ll never again need to go through all the hassle of finding a girl to tell me to go fuck myself now that I have Roxxxy” said unemployed lorry driver Gavin Mitchell.

“I’m completely satisfied with the way she adamantly refuses to satisfy me.”


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