Jeremy Hunt clarification: “making Mental Health work more attractive to staff won’t involve me resigning.”

Come on back. Your old desk still has your tear stains on it

Sacrificial anode in human form, Jeremy Hunt says he won’t resign, even though surveys show it’s the best way to make NHS work more attractive to potential recruits.

“It’s largely due to me we’ve got so many vacancies in mental health, so why would I leave?” asked the hapless Health Secretary, who genuinely has no self awareness; ironically making him an ideal subject for teaching trainee psychologists about sociopathy, if only there were the senior psychologists available.

Mr Hunt explained that recent research shows there are huge numbers of former mental health workers currently not working for the NHS.

“For some strange reason, since 2012, thousands have left the profession and it’s these people I am appealing to today. Your old job is waiting for you to come back. That’s literally true, by the way. Your old mug is still in your old office, with mould growing out of the remains of your last coffee.”

“And your old desk still has your tear stains on it.”

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