Brexiters advised to hold referendum if unhappy with Brexit talks outcome

Look, the answer is as plain as this £350m gold brick I’m holding

Brexiters wanting a skydiver-without-parachute EU exit have been reminded that a referendum might be the answer.

Remainer Jason Beesley from Harold says he “feels the pain” of hard Brexiters and suggests an advisory, binary, Yes/No poll might clarify what the UK public wants.

“That’s a rubbish idea.” said fellow Haroldite and Vote Leave campaigner Eileen Remnant, who explained the details of negotiating a satisfactory EU exit are way beyond the capacity of the typical voter.

“Look” she sighed, “we could have a referendum on whether to send a Brit to Mars but the decision on how to get there should be left to the experts in government. Yes, we have lots of space experts.”

“Of course we could get there, if thats what the British people decided.” snapped Remnant in response to our reporters question. “Then the government would just have to carry out the will of the people. That’s called democracy, get over it.”

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