Police upset to discover new Code of Conduct isn’t a colour code


"Not  the Code we were expecting"

Handy guide for Police stop & search decisions

The Police Federation has rowed back on its welcome for the stop & search Code of Conduct, which at first they’d mistakenly taken to be a ‘colour code’.

“To say we’re disappointed would be an understatement” said spokesperson John Bigot

“We’d even had a batch of Dulux-type colour charts made for new officers, to take the guesswork out of their racism until they’re up to speed.”

A suspicion that a citizen might not have generations of English born ancestors, dating back to 1066, will no longer be sufficient to justify a humiliating pat down and search. In the High Street. On a Saturday afternoon. In front of your children.

Despite some high-profile work with the Stephen Lawrence and Mark Duggan cases, over recent years the police have been losing ground in racist league tables to relative newcomers, such as ‘EDL’ & ‘Britain First’.

The Code won’t make their task any easier says Bigot. “It’s like the Government are kicking us when we’re down. And it’s not even as if we’re black.”


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One response to “Police upset to discover new Code of Conduct isn’t a colour code

  1. So I’m a ‘maybe’ baby! lol Never been called ‘That’ before a pat down! lol I will have to take the PAW into my own ‘brown girl in the bling’ hands.