Kim Jong-un accused of visiting UK flood victims just for a photo opportunity


Following In the footsteps of Labour leader Ed Miliband, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has been accused of trying to capitalise on people’s misery and enhance his image in the West by visiting flood affected areas in the UK for a photo opportunity.

“In this situation he has about as much power and influence as Miliband,” one angry resident of Purley said.

“Not only is his presence useless, but coming here will not make us forget the way he sent his own family to the dogs just to cement his position at the top. And Kim Jong-un can do one too.”

The huge rainfall over the past few weeks has seen communities throughout the country flooded with politicians hoping to be pictured in wellies looking concerned whilst ignoring locals.

In the move straight out of the ‘Cheap Political Point Scoring Handbook’, Kim Jong-un is hoping this ‘fact-finding’ mission will make him look less like an inhumane, murdering dictator and more like a cuddly ‘man if the people’.

“If Eric Pickles and David Cameron can look like they care then it should be easy for me to not look like an opportunistic arse,” the much-feared dictator told us.

“And if that doesn’t work, I’ve got something Cameron hasn’t. He may be able to deploy an army to help desperate residents, but I’ve got Dennis Rodman on standby.”

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