Bus stop gets a ‘blue plaque’ to celebrate its conception rates

Despite the rumours, the plaque was stuck on with glue

Despite the rumours, the plaque was stuck on with glue

A local bus stop has been given the honour of receiving a blue plaque in recognition of its contribution to successful conception rates in the village.

It is believed that over half of the residents of Harold have been conceived in the bus stop, and as a quick look in the adjacent litter bin will testify many more have had practice sessions.

The plaques, which are seen up and down the country, are used to denote buildings of significant importance. The shelter will be the first rural bus stop to receive the honour .

Councillor Ronsson proudly unveiled the plaque at a ceremony yesterday. “I was conceived here, as was my father, and his father before him” he told those in attendance. “I even met my wife here. The bench in the shelter has been so successful for those who have wished to score, they’ve even tried using it as the substitutes bench at Harold Thursday FC”.

The bus stop joins an illustrious list of buildings that have received the honour, and is expected to be provide a real boost for tourism in the area. The rate of conception has given the shelter a magical status, seeing copulating couples come from miles around to get pregnant.

“We have started to sell tickets to those who wish to reproduce here in this mystical place” Councillor Ronsson continued. “Some have even said it has a Lourdes-like feeling with one couple in the act reportedly seeing a mysterious figure appear before them, although we’re sure that was just Elsie Duggan waiting for the number 82”.

With the success of the bus stop amongst sex tourists increasing, extra security has been put in place to stop a rise in the amount of ‘orgies’ taking place. One disgusted resident told us “I was waiting for the public transport and noticed a group of them at it. The men were like bloody buses, you waited twenty minutes then 3 came at once”.

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