Wimbledon Men’s Final – As it happened

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Well done, Andy Murray.

murray win

17:36 – And that concludes our Wimbledon final live text feed. We hope you have enjoyed it, and will keep checking back for all the latest goings on from the village. Have a great night.

17:33 Murray;

It was easy really. It was a must for me to win as I have shown too much emotion over the last year and losing would have meant showing more. Now I have won I can become the sulky little s**t I once was

17:32 Djokovic;

Andy was lucky. He was under pressure to win, but having to play the second ugliest player in the tournament made it difficult for me to look over the net.

17:31 – And Murray lifts the winners trophy. Here are the interviews

17:31 – Djokovic collects his trophy. Gracious in defeat.

17:30 – Bless, the guy in the high chair get a medal.

17:28 – “The roof has been blown off of centre court”. That will be expensive.

17:26 – Murray elects to climb up to the royal box. Talking of which, the are going mad on the Queen’s Mound in Harold.

17:24 – MURRAY WINS WIMBLEDON. TOM SELLECK, MILLA JOVOVICH (that’s all we got, we’ll learn some more for next year) YOUR BOY TOOK ONE HELL OF BEATING. Murray win 3 sets to love.

17:23 – Here we go again, Championship point.

17:20 – As much as we love Andy Murray, we have all agreed that when he grunts, closing your eyes doesn’t have the same effect as when Sharapova does it.

17:18 – This is like the long pause Dermot O’Leary does to build tension before revealing the X-Factor winner. It’s fun at first, then it just get’s annoying.

17:16 – He’s eeking it out.

17:15 – Championship point.

17:13 – In (hopefully) the final game, and I still don’t understand the scoring.

17:11 – Murray to serve for the championship. And so far we only have two Serbian names that are not being tried in the Hauge.

17:10 – Is it me, or is Andy Murray’s girlfriend a poor man’s Pippa Middleton?

17:08 – I hope this doesn’t drag. Traffic getting out of London on a Sunday evening is a nightmare.

17:01 – MURRAY BREAKS AGAIN! It’s looking good. We are now frantically searching for the ancestary that says he is actually from Harold. On a seperate note, we think they should have got Pierluigi Collina to Ref this match. He was always good

17:00 – It’s 5 o’clock.

16:56 – Opps. Murray loses on his serve. That gives us time to verify this claim from @jenibrand on twitter;

According to wikipaedia, Tom Selleck is of Serbian origin.
Who knew?


16:51 –

There's always one trying to claim glory. Usually it's John Terry

There’s always one trying to claim glory. Usually it’s John Terry

16:51 – Back on serve, still plenty of time to go though. Although the game has been enjoyable, we were sickened by the attempt by David Cameron to jump on the bandwagon, and try and claim he has helped Murray…

16:48 – Djokovic breaks back. Just as well, that list of Serbians is proving quite difficult.

16:46 – Tim Henman has spent the last five minutes cheering on Djokovic. He hadn’t realised that it was him that had taken his cap off and Murray has left his on. Either that or he is just bitter

16:42 – It’s all getting very exciting. Here is the latest odds from Ray…

16:38 – He is looking as confident as an Italian Ex-Prime Minister on corruption charges.

16:34 – Murray gets an early break, and Cliff Richard hasn’t sung a song. It’s going well. He just needs to make sure he doesn’t cry if he wins. It’s not the bloody X-Factor

16:29 – Here we go. Third set. Come on Andy get this done quickly, my fingers are starting to hurt from all this typing.

16:24 – Random Wimbledon fact now. Did you know that the famous Henman Hill is a man-made hill? It is constructed of dis-used line judges covered in mud. That is why a line judge will try give an incorrect call to prolong a game. Fact

16:24 – ANDY MURRAY GOES TWO SETS UP winning the 2nd 7-5. One more set and he wins the Wimbledon Championship and wipes Tim Henman from the nation’s memory.

16:19 – Murray breaks Djokovic in the 2nd and serves for the set again. If he wins this one I shall prepare our version of the famous commentary that lists well-known people from the beaten country followed by “your boys took one hell of a beating”. Anybody know any famous Serbians?

16:18 – No more challenges is helping the British. Sounds like Abu Qatada all over again.

16:15 – This is a close 2nd set. I think Djokovic is complaining that Murray is wearing the same cap. They should have called each other this morning. Both wearing white is such a fashion disaster.

16:09 – Back on serve. Djokovic takes a swig of water, Murray downs a Whisky.

16:07 – Murray showing all ’90’s boy-bands how a comeback should be done

16:04 –

“They want a skiddy one without much fluff”

Perfect instructions for underwear shopping from Andrew castle.

15:57 ray2

15:57 – Another sit down, another live odds update from ray…

15:56 – Andy Murray breaks back and Judy Murray has just won £10 on a scratchcard. It’s turning out to be a good day all round.

15:51 – Eddie, landlord of the Squirrel Lickers Arms, has just sent us a message saying that Andy Murray looks a lot like an older Del Boy from ‘only fools and horses’. We explained that the tennis was on BBC1 and that he has been watching ‘a touch of frost’

15:47 – Djokovic not happy with some of the calls. Should turn his phone off, surely?

15:42 – This from George in Murray’s home town of Dumblane

I hope this goes to five sets. I hate tennis, but the shops are empty which means I can do a full weekly shop in 10 minutes flat. If it’s a draw, can it go to a replay next Thursday, I have a doctors appointment and don’t want to hang around in the waiting room

15:38 – Djokovic takes the lead in the 2nd set. I think Murray should wear a curly clown wig, just to try and put him off.

15:32 – John McEnroe just popped his head in and said “You can not be serious”, much to the amusement of his BBC colleagues. Considering you are not allowed animals inside Wimbledon, he gave birth to that cash-cow, and has brought it back ever year to milk it as much as he can

15:29 – It stays with serve at 1 game all. The villagers are starting to get rowdy on the Queen’s Mound. We remind them that jumping around on the Queen’s Mound is an arrestable offence, now calm down

15:29 – “CORRECTION”. Give the man some Tipp-ex

15:26 – Andrew Castle has just complained that the ice-cream vendor has run out of choc-ices. He said to the vendor “I can’t believe you have sold out”, to which the vendor replied “I was going to say the same to you”. Touché

15:21 – The other one takes the first game on serve. Wayne Rooney has bought a Gameboy advanced to keep himself occupied. He is behaving himself, and is a credit to his kids

15:18 – Second set begins. Tell us your thoughts. Email eveningharold@gmail.com, tweet us @eveningharold or leave us a facebook message Facebook.com/theeveningharold

15:17 – On twitter, @joshaw400 says:

I think it’ll go to penalties. It always does against the Germans. No, wait…

15:15 – Murray takes the first set 6-4. I thought that was it but Mr Becker reminded me it is best of 5 sets. I reminded him there is only room for one bumbling Boris in London, and it’s not him.


15:11 Djokovic holds serve but Murray will serve for the set. While we have a break, here are the latest odds.

15:09. Why don’t they wear football boots to stop themselves slipping over?

15:05 – Murray with an important hold of serve. He held that better than the majority of men in shorts on the sofa hold their crotches.

14:59 – Controversy as the umpire’s ‘line-call tourettes’ manifests itself in a random out call. Luckily the players were professional and ignored him.

14:56 – Cameron has heard Murray is a quick server. He is now contemplating offering him a waiter’s job at number ten.

14:53 – Murray breaks again. His girlfriend looks animated, like Jessica Rabbit

14:48 – Murray holds serve. Nice to see his laces haven’t come undone again. Must have double-knotted them. He is growing up, isn’t he

14:45 – Tim Henman has just broken wind in this commentary box. Whose idea was it not to fit bloody window. “Who has gas in the tank”. Yeah, funny Boris.

14:44 – Djokovic holds his serve. Judy Murray is looking worried. I think she may have forgotten to put Andy’s sun cream on.

14:40 – Now Djokovic breaks back. Petulant tit-for-tat if you ask me

14:39 – Murray challenges incorrectly. He should have said ‘please’, that would have been the correct way to challenge.

14:35 – Random fact time. Did you know that ‘to drop a Deuce’ is American slang for defecation. That is why they never had a closing roof when Andre Agassi was playing.

14:34 – “Murray breaks Djokovic’s serve”. Sounds like sabotage to us.

14:28 – 25 strokes and not a ’70’s DJ in sight.

14:25 – Offside. 15-30 to Murray

14:23 – Murray holds his service game. One game all. The serve was out, but it is not a disgrace if it is in Murray’s favour. Good call we say

14:19 – We take it back, Djokovic wins the first game. In other news, Boris Becker has put his towel over the cake provided. Good try sunshine, but you’re not reserving that.

14:18 – And that is why he should have velcro on his trainers

14:16 – Good start by Murray. That Djokovic isn’t very good is he/

14:15 – Murray wins the first point on Djokovic’s serve. Can we call it a day there?

14:14 – And we are under way with the other fella to serve

14:11 – Sally from Harold has Emailed in to do the age old joke. She says

Come on TIM!!!!

We hope that it is a joke and not an instruction, otherwise things could get messy

14:09 – BBC are showing the game in 3D. So if they show the royal box and have a close up of Wayne Rooney, you can pretend you are watching Shrek 3D.

14:07 – Tim Henman has just informed me that the game hasn’t started yet; they are just warming up. Alright Tim, No one likes a smart arse.

14:06 – Slower start than I thought. They just seem to be pass it to each other. This could be long afternoon

14:04 – The coin toss. Did you know that the coin used for the toss is traditionally stolen from a genuine homeless person from near-by Twickenham.

14:00 The players make there way out to the pitch with their bats ready to play. Can someone tell David Cameron that Djokovic is foreign? He will probably get him deported before they have time to complete the match making Murray the winner by default.

13:59 – The Prime Minister is in attendance. Is there anyway that if Murray loses, we can change the PM’s nationality?

13:56 – Good to see so many residents in Harold all clambering on to the Queen’s Mound to watch the match. If we had known so many would climb the Queen’s Mound to watch we would made sure it was a little better trimmed. The tension is building

13:52 – John Inverdale is also here. Not being rude, but if there is one man who shouldn’t remark about someone’s perceived lack of looks…

13:48 – On Twitter @joshaw400 asks

How does Andy Murray get to have such a gorgeous girlfriend?

Let us know why you think. It’s definitely not the money, definitely not.

13:46 – henman-mcenroe_1437836c

13:46 – Oh, this could be awkward. Look who are in the same commentary box as us…

13:42 – Here are the latest odds given to us by Ray Winstone.
Djokovic is favourite to win at 4/7 with Murray being at 11/8. In-play market include Murray being 2/1 fav to Ace, Djokovic 7/2 to spit into the wind only to have it blow back into his face and 3/1 for Cliff Richard to have a funeral in the next week should he even think about singing.

13:36 – Panic over. I just asked an official what the signs where all about and he informed me George Michael may be here today. Game On


13:31 – Here in position on centre. The court looks fantastic. Not sure how the players are going to play though with this sign all around the court.

13:24 – Anyway, that’s enough of that. I will be back in a moment. I just have to make my way to our commentary position. In the meantime, what are your predictions?.

Tim Henman, four times Wimbledon let-down said “Andrew isn’t as hard as he makes out”.

13:21 – He begged me not to sue him. I told him I wouldn’t be that pathetic, however if he did it again he will need an operation to retrieve those flowers. I told him!

13:19 – Just had Andrew Castle bump into me as he came out of the toilet. He did say sorry, but I felt the need to remind that when someone else causes an accident sorry isn’t enough.

13:10 – Welcome to the Evening Harold’s exclusive and unique text commentary of the Wimbledon Men’s Final between Murray and Djokovic. Over the next few hours we will bring our look at the match live from centre court. We really want to hear from you and publish your comments on the game or anything else really. use the contacts above.

8:26 – Can confirm the grass tastes lovely too!

8:25 – Just got into centre court. The grass looks lovely,