You suffer unmonitored performance in bedrooms?

Got your eyes going? Goodness. You lack graphs and inspections. No bluffers you dillon! You need boodwaah pie charting.

Prove your longly improverment with a gant on the window. Chopsy flatter-lines woo even the firmest sinnickle resistors. Bending? Hello sir? 30% increaser. Errorginous time manager? You can’t afford not.

What! Tell me you didn’t. Blunder up without missioning? Competitors guffaw. Out-sauce the lot with galloning barrels of MISO-9000 a bit higher. ‘Oooh, getter out your certificates!’ gushes the thorougherest of boardwiving.

Swell your chests without coffering, not ever a wiis. Don’t willy nilly, plan forth the fuschia. You not sure yet? Are you broken? Get a lot more than a winger, you great useless tit.

Whorning: Do not nail it on or risk a shattered appendix. Not comfortable at all, may contain death-spaniels.