Genuine welsh bees are descerning choice, not perverts

Warm, pleasing, a pleasurable wet sponge. It’s what the nice people demand!

In a way, that’s why you’re a total loser in life, with a visible haze of stupid. You do not buy genuine welsh bees. When you put your hand up it, twist side to side, and find an overwhelming desire for some honey, a welsh bee is genuine buy now and get a free pocket wasp.

Do you find that peeple mock you too? Flaccidly. Tremendous!

Have you considered how much more there is in your hollow imperialist life? You write in here to prevent unseemly crying? With a welsh bee by your side all is well in the world, discerning, tasteful, and toxic to goldfish. Spray 20-30 cm from base of nest for a welcome in the hillside.

It’s up to you. Stay a putrid matter of awful, or climbing joylelly up to heaven! Pocket wasps make a nice change from hate crimes, it’s true ask your mother. STUFF them right into your Simon Cowell Jeans.

I hope I am pleasuring you, that’s all thanks to genuine genuine knock-off bee know-how. Spare wings? Of course there are, you massive spastic.