Floater lingerage? Need panning or more on the trots?

Haha! Yes, that’s right from old china. Flap lid, one foot, swirling of filth. Gurgle not wanted, craft escaping, fowl wreakage! Can it cause gagging? Not now you Norbert, stifled heaving ahoy!

Louis Heuer breathalysing, carbon steepled, air contempting. Barrelled and busty, like a rampant old cock. Fist it up your nose like a posh wind remover, genuine pride, long in glances, crack sweat friends with bunny fits. Gagging like a plum-stuffed old queen with all trumps. Pull out ring piece and aim at bassist firmly until distinguished.

Jew belly? Street party? Need to keep up a Jonesy? ‘wow you don’t smell much’ say the gel us odd mirers. IS it real? Can I want it? Are you certified nut-stuffed like a ripe one? Take twice a day after meal waste or eye water, do not in jest if it queazes you up.

‘Oooh, it goes right in my nostril’ swares the buyer of discerning shit trumpets. Filters from top designer Italiates gets the staunchest of vom-plumes. Is it getting down all your fronts? Too long cues full of puddage waste? Stuff a chutneyed star next and call ‘stench ratter get out’!

Not available in channels. Some blinding inevitable.