Does beauty pain give you the balls off?

Ooh, look at you there! You are cryed on the outside. Whit woozers, free shampers, doors all agog. A burden most waity, a swannage brass necker. Tired of mail groin sprouters that light up the womb?

Hurt bitches, poor lady, unwelcome tramp gropers. No chance of shelf leftism or spinsters ahoy? Fear knot, sweat gobber of pour me and my milfhood. You need uglering from the experts in replica pigs!

No blooding, some hammering, a bit injectoring of face glug, just a wieldy wet one that slops on the schnozz. Permanent, perty tent, face like a slapped one. That’s it! We accept you, you know we don’t want!

Don’t litter it under a bushel or bench parker, beam a smile that flees any not sheets to the winned. Yellow head and lips like a massive prawn sandwich? Shaver included, bearding glue and free Boyles.

No more flirty old tossing, just happy ming comfort! Why wait? It’s painful and costly. We accept visa or a kiss just before-hand. Not after, you munteraged cow!

Whorning; not tested on aminals or metals. May cause plumes of discomfort and rejection by frogs.