BMW Driver? Need Indicators?

Hard working sales rep? Desperate to get to the golf course to meet your boss for a good hard round of sycophancy? Struggling to find some way to let other road users know which direction you intend to cut them up at junctions and roundabouts?

Here at Harold Autos we specialise in retro fitting indicators to all models of BMW, Audi, Porche and Mercedes because the manufacturers of top end performance executive cars clearly don’t think they’re a necessary standard feature.

Our quick and cost effective installation includes the simple addition of a flashing orange light to each corner of your car, and the attachment of an ingenious activation stick with our patented ‘easyflip’ up / down action, onto your car’s steering column to control operation.

All installations come complete with a FREE 4 minute intensive training session and a fully detailed operation leaflet.

Call us now on 01998 867737 for a no obligation quote and we’ll send you an attractive ‘I ♥ MYSELF’ bumper sticker absolutely FREE.

Go on, treat youself to a new gadget, and the rest of us to a dose of common decency.

Other courses available include:

  • The Pensioners’ guide to driving over 40 MPH*
  • Basic road sense for cyclists.
  • An introduction to the motorway inside lane for 4×4 owners.

And our ever popular

  • A guide to the correct use of disabled parking bays for lazy bastards who can’t be bothered to walk the extra 30 yards to the supermarket.

*Includes complementary straw hat for your rear parcel shelf.