2013 Harold International Arts Festival – Programme

All shows at Harold Village Hall. Tickets at Veggie! Veggie! Veggie!

31 March at 7pm – The Somali Players present “The Pirates of the Penzance”. Come to the show that reviewers say is “captivating”. Glam up in your best jewellery and bring plenty of cash to buy exclusive merchandise.

2 April at 7pm – Belgium State Ukulele Orchestra present “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Gangnam Style”. Fun for ages 5 to 95, and dead people.

4 April at 9pm – Olaf Bridge, Anglo-German comedian. The latest in “explanational humour” – Olaf will repeat his show from last year, with step by step power-point explanations as to why the jokes are funny.

7 April at 7pm – The Taliban Players present “Carry on Infidel”. Stone age comic farce that will have you laughing your head off.

As always during the Arts Festival, there were be a number of free acts in and around Harold Town Square including street musicians, acrobats, and gypsy pickpockets.