Council rejects plans to make villagers ‘drive on the right’

In a move that will anger the foreign mayor of Harold’s twin town Beau Sel-au-C’ture, Harold’s council has vetoed a plan to drive on the opposite side of the road after midnight.

“I and some of my family are/is a European”, insisted Councillor Ron Ronsson. “Think of the saving we’d make on not having to buy nail varnish remover alone, together with the glue being too stuck on the deflector of off on my right headlight.”

Ronsson accused the committee of being ‘Nimbyist’ and ‘one side-ist nazis’ although later admitted he hadn’t fought in a war so they could have the right to be.

“Driving on the left and then the right after midnight might look good on paper”, said that plump lady with nits who smells of cats (Sherry?). “But I don’t have a steering wheel on that side of the car, how much will that cost? I’d ask Clarkson’s Cars for a quote but they’re a bit funny with women in there.”

The committee postponed a vote on whether to try it out just on Tuesdays, in what will be seen as a compromise by many and a cop out by some more. Those that think about it have a right be angry, it was minuted, but also ‘not to let Ron’s tyres down in petty revenge’.