Hot Under The Collar

Isn’t this weather gorgeous! 🙂 I love it though of course I’m very much an all-weather Christian. Like Six Beavers over Dunstable I have plenty to do in good weather and bad but of course they’ve got roller-coasters whereas I’ve got faith in God, the Father Almighty which is much more exciting. And a lot cheaper than entrance to a theme park.

In this weather people feel good and as I know from my walks around the parish especially down by the riverside some of you are also feeling frisky to the extent that you seem to have mistaken being outside in public for being in your own homes and mercifully out of sight.

Not that I’m a prude. Being a vicar doesn’t make me a nun even though sometimes I think I might as well be. Still, this is not the place for me to try to get a date but if it was then I’d describe myself as early thirties, GSOH, loves God, Coldplay and shopping for retro-kitsch. I can do photos but if anyone’s interested just nip along to St Paul’s and if you like what you see pop your phone number into the collection plate and we’ll take it from there.

A lot of vicars have partners and families. Even some Roman Catholic ones if the very persistent rumours about Bishop McNamee are true! 😉 I hope in the future to be one of them and there, perhaps, you could all help. For example when I’m shopping with a friend who happens to be a man and we’re buying some wine and a lovely pizza perhaps you could all refrain from staring and other things. I’m sure we don’t need the aisles of Tesco Express to ring with so many suggestive comments about dog collars and who’s having dominion over who.

I’m your vicar and I’m very proud to be so but please do try to remember that I’m also a woman with the same needs as any other. Especially when the sun is making us all feel so good.

Is it hot in here or is it me?

God bless,


P.S The answer to last week’s catchphrase puzzle was of course ‘space-docking’ whose obscurity seems to have really got your brains working 🙂