Pippa Delaney’s Guide to Life (25/03/13 to 01/04/13)



Hello, lovely fellow Haroldians!

People often ask me just how I manage to do all the things that I do, and yet remain so well-groomed and positive, so after months of talks with the editors of the Evening Harold, I’ve finally agreed to let you all in on my secrets. You lucky devils!

Since moving to Harold with my handsome, lovely husband and two beautiful children, we’ve worked so hard to integrate into village life. I won’t lie; it hasn’t always been easy for us.

Both Dom and myself gave up fantastically well-paid jobs in the City to move here to our country idyll, and at times yes, we do miss the cut and thrust of the world of trading in futures, (although Dom’s health is much better for it) and at times it can seem that our search for peace and quiet, not to mention good, clean country air has been fruitless. (Why do you people insist on keeping noisy chickens? Not to mention the disgusting habit you have of chucking manure onto everything!) But Harold’s where it’s at for us now.

Since we decided to turn our back on civilization urban living, we’ve thrown ourselves heart and soul into our new venture Veggie! Veggie! Veggie!

As you all know, our lovely little café in Harold brings to you only the very best, handpicked organic vegetarian food that we source ourselves. That way, we can be sure that no nasty pesticides, growth hormones or fertilisers have been anywhere near the delicious selection of freshly prepared delights that we offer so you can be safe in the knowledge that we don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

Despite the long hours involved in Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! I still take time to ensure that our beautiful home is maintained to the high standard that Dom and the children have always known, and yes, I do do it all myself, and I still find time to keep myself in tip-top condition, with regular manicures, pedicures and let’s not forgetting trims to keep those nasty split ends at bay!

What with all of that, how do I manage to spend quality time with my family, I hear you ask. Well let me tell you, it’s all about good time management, which is something that certain members of our waiting staff could learn a thing or two about!! (Only joking staff, I know you can’t all be as organised as me, but at least try!)

I try to always be up and about nice and early each day so that I can fit in half an hour of Pilates before the rest of the family are awake (it just doesn’t do to have one’s husband see one all sweaty and in god-awful exercise clothes!)

Then I make organic whole-meal pancakes with ethically sourced maple syrup, some homemade muesli with natural yoghurt and a glass each of wheat-grass juice, after all, healthy, organic and ethically sourced food is the very best thing for you. Then I’ll head off to see our suppliers to find the delicious and healthy goodies that you will see on our menu for the day, before opening up the café to our lovely, regular customers.

Once my ‘working’ day is done, I clean up the café, prepare the following day’s menu and then it’s home to my beautiful house.

Dinner will normally be something wonderful that I’ve rustled up, such as nettle and tarragon soup, followed by a nice roast lentil bake, and maybe some organic cheeses to finish. We do like to practise what we preach!!

Dom and I then like to spend time catching up with our two wonderful children.

Melanie, as you all know is quite the stunner as the tabloids say, and likes to keep abreast of the latest celebrity news and fashions. While it’s fair to say that she wasn’t altogether keen on our move to Harold, her life has taken on a whole new meaning after almost being mistaken for Paris Hilton recently and she’s been in touch with one of Dunstable’s top ‘Lookalike’ agencies. Exciting times!

Of course, you all know that our son Simon faces more challenges in life due to his health issues, but he faces all those challenges head on, and is making his mark on the village as only he knows how! While life as a wheelchair user does present problems, a few of those problems would disappear if only certain of this villages establishments made at least an attempt to be a little more inclusive and took the steps necessary to become wheelchair accessible (how bloody difficult is it to knock up a ply wood ramp for god sakes?!).

We are hoping that with our continuing efforts to integrate with the fine villagers of Harold, you will soon come to see that Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! is the place to be, and not that horrid, dirty greasy spoon place on the Dunstable road that you all seem so keen on.