Pippa Delaney’s Guide To Life (7/05/13 – 13/05/13)



Hello all you lovely Haroldites!

Well, this has been an interesting week for us all here in Veggie! Veggie! Veggie!

My darling Dom has been feeling more like himself of late and so felt he could finally help me out in the café. Now I know that my handsome hubby is a bit of a catch, but I couldn’t believe just how many eyelashes he got fluttering!

Turned out that it wasn’t so much his masculine good looks and old-fashioned chauvinism charm that had those pulses racing, it was a rather unfortunate incident with a pair of baggy shorts and his need to lie on the floor to retrieve a baby’s lost rattle which cause the excitement!

Rest assured, I’ve asked him to wear underwear when serving in the café in future!!

My beautiful daughter Melanie and myself managed to get away for an afternoon to pamper ourselves at the Dunstable House Spa Hotel where we indulged in a range of treatments. Once we’d both recovered relaxed after a particularly vigorous detox treatment, we were able to sip some chamomile tea and partake of some light sandwiches whilst sitting on our inflatable cushions. We’d hoped to be able to make use of the pool and whirlpool while there, but it’s not recommended after the treatment we had due to what the staff called ‘anal leakage’. Sounds iffy to me.

Of course, Pippa Time is of paramount importance to me, as is spending time with my charming daughter, and I’m surprised at how few ladies of the village seem to consider the value of that special time for oneself. There are some ladies in particular who could definitely benefit from a few procedures and treatments, but I shan’t name names. Isn’t that right Rev. T?

Anyway, things have been picking up in the café of late, what with all the visitors the village has had from Dunstable, and even further abroad, and I’m hopeful that more people of refined taste will continue to pop into my lovely little Veggie! Veggie! Veggie to sample my lovingly prepared, vegetarian, organic, free-trade, ethically sourced, locally produced menu. And with any luck, the locals will stop asking when we’re going to do ‘chips and coke’.

Must dash my darlings, a watched soufflé never rises!!

Until next week,

Pippa X