Pippa Delaney’s Guide to Life (27/05/13 to 03/06/13)



Hello my darling, darling Haroldites!!



My profoundest apologies for the absence of my column from last week’s papers, I know how many of you look forward to reading my work and I do feel rather bad to have let you both all down.



Dommy and myself had to pop over to our place in Tuscany to oversee some of the ongoing renovations, and to ensure that the work-shy bastards local tradespersons we’d hired were following our instructions. 


I can happily report that our sunken garden with infinity pool and grotto is complete (although I do wish that Giuseppe and his two sons had allowed us to be the first to enjoy it) and our orchard of olive trees will bear a bumper crop this year.


 We’ve also finalised our purchase of a vineyard, which is terribly exciting, and we hope to be able to import our own organic wines soon, and I’ve also sourced suppliers of olives and Parmesan.  Yummy!



Of course, the weather was just divine during our trip and we took advantage of that to boost our vitamin D levels with a little bit of sunbathing, meaning that I have just enough colour to be able to wear the fabulous capsule wardrobe I picked up from dear Giorgio when we popped into his Atelier.  So sweet of him to insist on giving it to us gratis, and to call me his muse. 


Delightful chap, but queer as a coot, and I sometimes wonder a little about his need to measure Dommy quite so thoroughly.



While there, we took advantage of a deluxe service on offer to those of us in the know.  A team of rather brilliant young therapists will provide beauty and relaxation treatments in ones own home, or in our case, garden.  Imagine how delightful it is to have a hot-stone massage and some Hopi Ear Candle treatments in the heat of your own little terrace!!  Even Dom seemed to enjoy the workout he had at the hands of Allegra, he certainly stayed on his treatment bed for a while afterwards!



Whilst we were out in Italy, I left the running of Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! to Melanie and Simon, who tell me that all went very well, and that they’ve introduced some new lines.  I haven’t had a chance to pop into the café yet, but Simon tells me that something he calls a ‘Non-Steak Bake’ and ‘sausage-free rolls’ are selling well, along with some naturally carbonated cordials he’s devised. It all sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to try them, although, darling children that they are, they’ve insisted that I should have another few days rest which will give them time to sort out the mess they’ve made of the place perfect some minor alterations they say that they’ve made.


How exciting!!




Until next week my darlings!!

Pippa x