Pippa Delaney’s Guide to Life 15/04/14 to 22/04/13



Hello all you lovely, lovely Haroldites!!

I’d like to start this week by thanking the villagers who have popped into Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! to inquire about our fabulous range of picnic hampers, BBQ platters and outside catering services. I’m sure the Colonel will understand that I will not compromise my principles even for him Melody! (Include rib-eye steaks in my platters indeed!)

After a certain publication printed an article by a rather jumped-up ‘young’ lady describing how she is on an eternal diet, I’ve been asked several times if I’ve been moon-lighting for the national press. Well, the answer is no! I take so much pride in my genetic tendency towards a lovely, lithe figure that I have no need for faddy diets. A couple of dozen laps of our beautiful pool at home, some Pilates to keep me centred and supple, and my very healthy, but often indulgent, selection of goodies available at Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! are all that’s required to keep me in tip-top condition. If certain columnists choose to let the world into their desperate need to diet to keep those unsightly pounds off, that’s their decision!!

I don’t have to worry about my Dommy going off with another woman, not with his health problems, and unlike some lady writers, I’m quite certain I’m all the woman that my darling man needs.

Of course, I do like to make sure that there’s a little bit of ‘Pippa time’ in each week, but only to ensure that I look my best for me, and it’s vitally important to take that time away from home, business and responsibilities, especially when one has a child with such terrible physical abnormalities health issues. Of course, I also have my perfectly formed, delightful daughter Melanie, who is such a lovely girl even though she absolutely refuses to help out in Veggie! Veggie! Veggie!

Following on from her recent brush with fame, she is now making a name for herself as a Paris Hilton lookalike, and has even been asked to appear in a film! She’s being a little cowy about the plot of it, but she said it involves another lookalike, a hotel room, and some night-vision filter thing for the camera. Sounds so exciting!!

I’m sorry that I’m going to have to cut short our little chat this week, but I’m off now to meet up with some potential new suppliers, who keep a small horticultural business which uses hydroponics. No idea what that is, but sounds exciting!!

I’ll keep you posted!

Pippa x