Pippa Delaney’s Guide to Life (08/04/13 to 15/04/13)



Hello Haroldites!


I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying in, soon it will be summer and time for picnics, BBQs and garden parties, which brings me neatly to a new service I’m offering at Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! pre-prepared picnics, BBQ platters and outside catering.  It’s all part of the service here at Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! and you can be assured that all of our ingredients are the finest, hand-selected organic vegan-friendly produce.


I’ve mentioned before that I try to always source my ingredients locally, choosing from small, market gardens, allotments and specialised growers to ensure that only quality assured foods with a proven provenance go into the loving created and served delights that you can sample in the café and, of course, also in the fantastic selection of picnics, platters and buffets!  I’m here to serve my local community after all.


Talking of my thoroughly altruistic nature, I took great delight in being in a position to donate lots of my lovely foods to the newly opened local food-bank, and the Rev. Tansy tells me that she’s not surprised at the reaction to my delish quinoa, alfalfa and rhubarb tartlets.  Rev. Tansy is a lovely, lovely person and tells me she’s quite envious of us living in our gorgeous home, which of course is The Old Rectory.  The garden is just a dream, particularly now we’ve completed the fabulous new all-glass extension which houses our gym and pool complex, and I hope that soon I’ll be watching as our gardener returns the old vegetable garden to it’s former glory now that we can’t see it for the pergola and summer-house we’ve added.

I’ve run out of room for all my pretty, bespoke picnic hampers, platter boxes and display trays for my buffets, just as well we’ve got the old stables and the attics otherwise we’d have no spare room at all!

Talking of the fabulous new ranges we have, I’d like to reassure everyone that not only are the products vegan and organic, but my BBQ platter contains only the very best tofu and soya products, and none of that nasty, faux-meat tasting flavouring! Everything has a rich, earthy, natural taste and texture, just as nature intended.

With any luck, the weather has started to turn and we will soon be able to invite our Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! customers to enjoy our new pavement café option of sitting in the sunshine.  With any luck, they won’t even be put off too much by the smell of Colonel Hallet’s rose manure and the stench of the infernal chickens which so many of you seem to like to keep.

As always, I’ve managed to take time out of my busy, busy life for a little bit of pampering.I popped into the lovely Country House Hotel and Spa complex out on the Dunstable road after it was mentioned in a glossy magazine and what an absolute delight it was.  Set within the beautiful Georgian mansion itself, the spa is the perfect combination of modern Eastern peace with the opulence of the Georgian period, with each treatment room benefiting from the high ceilings so favoured by that period but retaining the minimalist clean lines of an Eastern retreat.  The lovely Thai lady who provided my treatments was most willing and certainly ensured that her long slim fingers dug down into the deepest of my knots, kneading them vigorously into release.  I can tell you; I needed a few moments to myself, and a soothing pot of Chamomile tea afterwards!

 Until next week,

 Pippa x