Pippa Delaney’s Guide to Life (03/06/2013 to 10/06/2013



Hello all you lovely Haroldites!!

What a fabulous week we’ve had in Veggie! Veggie! Veggie!  This delightful weather has brought us so many new inbred weirdos customers, that Dommy and I have had barely a moment to catch our breath!!

Last week we sold out completely of our Yak’s Milk and Nettle frozen organic yoghurt and our fabulously refreshing locally grown and produced elderflower, blackberry, and nettle cordials.  It still puzzles me though, why some of my regulars still insist on asking for mass-produced fizzy colas when we have our hand-squeezed lemon juice, although I suppose some people just don’t have our sophisticated palate.

I’m quite delighted by just how many picnic platters and BBQ packs have been ordered too, although I was rather disappointed to see the Rev. Tansy throwing olives from our own Tuscan orchard at the people enjoying the sunny weather out along the river bank.  Or Dogger Bank as Dommy wittily calls it!!

Some of those new customers have been absolute darlings about our selection of home-made, locally grown, fresh, organic, ethically sourced goodies, and many have asked where they can find such delights for themselves.

Well, as much as I don’t want to have my secret supplies depleted, I’d also love to see some of the lovely local growers benefit from my generosity, so I plan to produce little flyers to keep in the café listing everywhere that supplies us. 

Unless, of course, I discover that perhaps one of them isn’t quite as ‘organic’ as he claimed, but I’m quite sure that Phil Evans has a reason for squatting in his own lettuce field…

We’ve also been one member of staff down as dear Melanie has been working hard at a new business venture – more news soon!!  – so I’ve had barely a moment to myself of late, but this fabulous weather has another wonderful advantage as we’ve finally been able to make full use of the retractable roof over our pool and have been enjoying taking relaxing and well earned dips in our stunning pool well into the night. (Perhaps you should just be done with it and ask to join in Tansy?  The night-vision goggles are very unbecoming for a Lady of the Cloth.)

Must dash now my darlings, I have to help Melanie with her business plan and press release. Oops!! I’ve said too much!!

Until next week angels,

Pippa X