Tip # 1 – Leaving a restaurant without paying

If you had all this money you wouldn't need these tips.

If you had all this money you wouldn’t need these tips.

Money saving tip # 1

We all struggle for money from time to time and need to find ways to cut back. Maybe an unexpected outlay has left you a bit short this month. Maybe you’ve been drinking a little more than you probably should. Or maybe your wife has just left you for that prick at number 43, leaving you with all the bills to pay on your own. Whatever the reason, when you’re looking to save money dining out is often one of the first things to go. But that doesn’t have to be the case with this handy tip.

Leaving a restaurant without paying

This tip works best if you are dining alone. Meals out are often a social occasion but sometimes you will find yourself recently separated from your wife of twelve years and all out of Pot Noodles.

Many cheaper establishments insist on you paying for your food up front. You wouldn’t walk into the Squirrel Licker’s Arms and be allowed to eat a bag of crisps and some dry roasted nuts before you’ve handed over your cash. But if you go to a proper restaurant you eat first and pay later, and that’s where this simple little trick can prove invaluable.

Order and eat your food as normal, then at the end of your meal order another drink to give the impression that you are staying for a while, put your coat on and walk towards the door. You will need a pack of cigarettes so that you can make it look like you are nonchalantly going for a smoke. Maybe even say to the waiter “I am nonchalantly going for a smoke. I will return presently, with every intention of paying.” Then simply leave.

There you have it, a simple tip which can make dining out cheaper than you ever dreamed it could be. I would not recommend trying this in the same restaurant more than once however.

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