Who is it that is blameworthy for what has been done?

by Mik Bulk – a journalist

journalistHorror ripples abounded the town last September (29/9) and are still abounding, as we all know, but now the question is: who’s fault was it and who’s to blame?

Needless though it would be to go over the tragic events again, I won’t; however – who’s responsible, and who did it?

Harold’s police head, Marcus De Sartre [check this], told me on Twitter that the thuggish culprits, whoever they be and whoever they are, are close to being found out.

Once evidence is gathered etc, arrests are likely, he continued telling me.

But what of the victims? As my could-have-been contemporary H. L. Mencken might and probably would have put it: “You stay on the case, son, it’s the likes of you that is the modern day I.”

Anyway, they say farce starts as tragedy and repeats on itself, and has throughout history. But can Harold recover from these stomach-churning events?

The canal will never feel the same again, that’s on the nose if anything is, and who knew Rector Patel’s wife’s legs had such peculiar birthmarks?

Let’s hope we can come forward as a community and forget the events that will always live on in our minds, if not our hearts.

I and we live in regret and hope. Come on the police. Clean it all up.

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