Very tiring week for tyre supplier

by journalist laureate-in-waiting, Mik Bulk

journalistIt’s all been a right week for a few days down at Forbes Tyres in Harold.

For the tyre firm has seen it all this week – and more!

For on the beginning of the week a blaze broke out. Thick fumes clogged the air. Flames danced through the day and night.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, worse was to come.

For on Wednesday the day after Monday’s inferno which was still going, the company was visited by the police, who wanted to know some questions.

Manager and owner Erik Forbes was forced to come with the police – and since then he hasn’t been seen since!

And then on Friday the fitters and suppliers of car rubberware [must check ‘rubberware’] went into administration!

All eight of the Forbes team are now unemployed and on the job heap.

One on the heap, Tony Fust, a 16-year-old now unemployed jobless apprentice, explained how his problems weren’t only just starting.

“I am a recovering addict and my girlfriend has left,” he explained to me during an email.

So, is Forbes the unluckiest business this week? Or is there a worser still?

And it’s not only that! Government figures strongly suggest that up to one in four or possibly even more of the UK’s firms are going down the sink – and that means business is bound to suffer.

The Chancellor, George Unwin [check this], has tried to stimulate but if looks are anything to go by, whatever he wants hasn’t been the case.

Either way, time will tell, and that’s all anyone can say.

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